Female Dharma King Amang Nopu Pa Mu

Female Dharma King, Dorje Amang Nopu Pa Mu, is an incarnation of Vajravarahi (Dorje Phagmo), the personification of wisdom, or one who overcomes ignorance. Dorje Amang Nopu Pa Mu is a disciple of Great Dharma King Zun Sheng Mahavairocana Buddha. 

Dorje Pa Mu is an ancient Bodhisattva who has come from the Land of the Buddhas. Dorje Pa Mu does not belong to our present world, and is a mysterious and reclusive being who normally chooses a life of solitude. Dorje Pa Mu has written extensively on all aspects of Buddhist training, including commentaries on the precepts and various disciplines, logic, meditation, visualization, the prajna of ultimate reality, the middle way, and how to enter the dharma. 

Dorje Pa Mu’s most popular book Dharma That Every Buddhist Must Follow, has been translated into English by Bodi Wentu Rinpoche and is available through World Dharma Voice. At present, Dorje Pa Mu's other books are only available in Chinese. 

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